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Do you wish to know yourself ?

    It seems to be a funny question for everybody says that he/she knows him/herself. But it is not true. There are certain characteristics, feelings or urges in all of us that are either dormant, sub-conscious/unconscious or else consciously kept secret from the world.

    Generally, most of us know or are conscious only of the physical body or the physical aspects of a person, i.e. The way he/she looks or behaves. But there is the greater reality of the soul. And every person has a different soul, temperament. Physically people may look alike, but there are very few with whom our souls meet or get along.

    We at vedic help you to discover the basic innate characteristics of a person born on a certain day. This is beneficial to the person concerned as it helps him/her to analyse his/her own feelings, needs etc. It is also of great advantage to those who wish to get into alliances of any kind with the person concerned - for example as business partners, associates or life partners in marriage etc. Because in today's world, with little time on our hands, it is very difficult to let a relationship develop and 'discover' each other. So if this preliminary stage is crossed i.e. of knowing whether two people are entuned to each other/not, we can be sure whether the relationship will be a fruitful one or not.

    So before making any new association, or alliance or partnership, refer to this section and know the basic characteristics of your own self or your husband-to-be or wife-to-be or partner-to be and be accordingly prepared.


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